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When do I choose my decorations?

Do you allow pictures to be hung on the walls with tape, command strips or nails?

Do you offer floral services?

Can you change the layout of the tables?

What is the maximum number of guests that can be seated for a luncheon?

Can I bring my own food?

Can I come by early to drop off any food or anything else for my event?

Can my caterer, DJ or any of my vendors come early or stay late to set up or clean up.

Do you provide plates, napkins, cups etc?

Is the kitchen stocked with dish towels and washcloths, serving utensils, knives or any type of kitchen prep items?

Can we use a propane grill, or use a fryer in the kitchen or serving area?

Do you allow petals to be thrown down the aisle for a ceremony?

Can I throw confetti, glitter or other items for my sendoff or any other time during my event?

Do you have a list of items to help me prepare for my event?

Do you allow going past 10:00 pm?

Do you allow Alcohol?